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Consider the trip out to Conestogo for a little lunch, a nice coffee, perhaps a Kawartha ice cream cone or hey, maybe even a board game.

Bet you didn’t see that one coming. Or, maybe you did. This page is entitled ‘board games,’ after all.

We love games at Rumbletum, and we want to share that love with you.

Click here to view our current stock and prices!

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  1. I think you should have said “VERY competitive” prices! The selection may be on the smaller side but it is certainly one of quality – those are some good games.

  2. Wow….great prices, that`s for sure! I just purchased Lords of Waterdeep in Australia for $70 (AUD). That`s pretty well double your price!

    How often are you having games nights? Also, can people play games any time they come to the shop, or only on Games nights?

  3. Unfortunately I don’t have the means to make it out to Conestoga, but the cafe sounds nice so if I am ever there somehow I will stop in.
    I am an avid gamer, and I do find that these prices are very good and in many cases beat out even J&Js in Waterloo by a few bucks, which usually has the best prices in town. Impressive that you can manage that at a small shop.
    I have never been there, but I can tell that you guys have great value.

  4. A friend and I stopped in earlier today and were 100% impressed by the service, food, drink, and kindness of the store! But I wish we’d known about the Euro-style board games…I’ll definitely be back again to see what you have! (I was planning to come back anyway, but this is extra incentive and a great idea)

  5. Hi,
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