Important Construction Update

Construction continues but the middle section of town, where Rumbletum is located, is essentially finished!  However, the second phase has begun which includes major intersection, Northfield & Sawmill Rd. This corner will be shut down for approximately two months. Ouch. The old Glasgow street bridge, that’s right behind Rumbletum will also be closed during this construction phase, which means that there is no easy way to get to Rumbletum from the Waterloo direction. With only traffic access from East, we anticipate things will be tough for us. We are seriously considering closing down for the summer, while the Northfield corner is closed off. If we decide to more forward with closing, we would re-open in September, so please don’t take this as a ‘going out of business’ step.

Stay tuned for an announcement by the end of the week, on our summer plans. Thanks!

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