Easter & Construction

Construction has begun in Conestogo. It’s for our own good and we’ll be pleased with final results, we’ve been told. Hmmmmm. We sure hope so. Although we’re pleased to say that these first few days of construction haven’t kept many people away. Rumbletum has still been buzzing with activity and the lunch hours are as busy as usual. Thank you! All businesses in Conestogo are open and accessible. There may be minor detours in town, and you may not always be able to park right at or beside Rumbletum, but there is other parking available on side roads and at the Black Forest Inn, which is only half a minute walk from Rumbletum. Despite what all the signs say, Sawmill Rd. is not fully closed (for now) and all traffic into town is still accessible, so please keep coming out, we really appreciate it.

Our Easter hours this year are as follows:

We will be closed Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday. The Saturday of Easter we will be open as usual 10:00 am – 5:00 pm.

Christ died and rose again for you and I. Worthy of celebration. If you don’t understand the big deal about Easter, please ask me when you see me at the store, and I would be happy to share the great news of what Easter is all about!


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